10 types of sports

No matter where we go, one thing that unites us is our passion for sports. This does not imply that everyone has a favorite sport, but rather that everyone has favorites amongst the many different 10 types of sports performed and appreciated. As far as I know, what counts as a sport?

Sport is a kind of physical activity that aims to set two or more people against each other for competition. The competition can range from lighthearted (Badminton) to hazardous (Soccer) and can involve two individuals or two teams or multiple members (Professional Boxing). Even today, some of the wealthiest persons in the world are professional sports, making hundreds of millions of dollars in sponsorships and commercial deals. Sports have been an age-old institution in most countries.

List of Sports types

Let’s first review the various sports classifications before going on to the list of known sports. The major equipment used in a sport or the venue where it is played are the two defining characteristics of a sport. The following is a list of many sports:

1. Athletics

group of boys running in race court

There are a variety of sports in which an athlete’s stamina, strength, and speed are put to the test. Competitive running, jumping, walking, and throwing are all part of the competition.

2. Ball Sports

Football, tennis ball, basket ball

A ball sport is a game that involves the usage of a ball. Among these are ball-over-net, bat-and-ball, and stick-and-ball games.

3. Board Sports

a boy on skating

As the principal piece of equipment, these sports use a certain sort of board. Skateboarding and Surfing are examples of this genre.

4. Combat Sports

boxer in a action

Fighting sports are another term for combat sports. It’s a competitive combat sport involving one-on-one combat. It covers all martial arts and historic fighting events, whether using raw force or a specific weapon.

5. Cycle Sports

Cyclists compete in various events, including biathlons, road races, and mountain bike races. Bicycle stunts can be performed as part of a race or a stunt display.

6. Gymnastics

Man showing Gymnastics

Systematic exercises that need and demonstrate balance, flexibility, coordination, strength, and overall physical training are at the heart of gymnastics. It is common to use rings, beams, and bars as part of the fabrication process.

7. Ice Sports

man doing ice skating

When we say “ice sports,” we refer to competitions on an ice surface. Winter sports competitions are the most common time for these events.

8. Indoor Sports

boys playing table tennis

These games don’t necessitate a large open area to play. They can be done at a house or in a specialized indoor location that has been built up for that purpose. It is common for most table-top games to be played indoors. Some outdoor activities were originally designed to be played indoors as well. Indoor soccer and Indoor cricket are two examples of this type of activity.

9. Mind Sports


A mind sport is a type of competition based on how well you think about strategy and how to win. It does not require a lot of physical activity or body movement. As a result, it requires more mental than physical skills to do well.

10. Multisport Race

Body builder doing rope swings in gym

Events that have components that support various sports are included here. Typically, it involves combining several different athletic disciplines like cross-training. This includes the triathlon, the tetrathlon, and the pentathlon.

Most Popular sports



An estimated 450 million individuals throughout the world follow the sport of golf. It is the most common in Western Europe, North America, and East Asia.

In golf, the objective is to strike the ball into the hole with the fewest strokes. Some of the most renowned corporations in the world support the sport by endorsing it with their sponsorship dollars.


snatching in rugby

Rugby is a sport that engages as many as 10 million players worldwide because it is gender-inclusive. Rugby, like American football, is a full-contact sport.

On the other hand, American football players used a lot of protective gear, including helmets and pads. UK, Australia, and New Zealand are all big fans of the sport.

The Rugby World Cup, which ended in Japan, drew much online interest since some countries made history and pulled off stunning upsets. Rugby’s most prestigious competition attracts some of the sport’s biggest names and some of the world’s most well-known businesses. The 2019 Rugby World Cup sponsors, including MasterCard, Emirates, Heineken, DHL, and Toshiba, are helping to increase the sport’s fan base.


2 balls of Baseball in hand

Besides the United States, the Caribbean and East Asia are also hotbeds of baseball fandom. An estimated 500 million people worldwide follow the world’s premier baseball league, Major League Baseball (MLB).

Male players dominate the sport in a test of gender equality. Chevrolet, Mastercard, and Papa John’s are just some of the high-profile corporations that have sponsored baseball in the past.



Today, basketball, a popular sport founded by American-Canadian teacher James Naismith, has 825 million enthusiasts worldwide.

Basketball is a fast-paced sport in which two teams compete against each other. Basketball is, without a doubt, one of the most talked-about sports in the world right now.

The sport also has several female leagues worldwide, which draw media attention. As basketball fans can confirm, brands are willing to invest heavily in endorsement deals with great basketball players. As evidenced by LeBron James and Michael Jordan’s Nike sneaker deal, these deals have sometimes been extended after the player’s retirement.

Table Tennis

Two boys playing table tennis

Table tennis, also called ping pong, has grown in popularity since 2003, with an estimated 875 million fans worldwide. In the early 20th century, England was the birthplace of the sport.

However, even though table tennis tournaments aren’t as widely covered as other major sporting events, they still have a substantial social media presence. Table tennis is a popular sport throughout Asia, Europe, the United States, and Africa, to name a few countries. Companies like Autohome and Sports Master support table tennis events.



In South and North America, Europe,  Australia, and Asia, volleyball is a popular sport that attracts as many as 900 million people. However, compared to other high-rated sports, it is less widely televised. Volleyball is one of the fastest-emerging sports in the modern era due to its growing appeal among both sexes.



Tennis is a psychologically and physically demanding sport; thus, unusual outcomes are common.

The excitement of the battle has been amplified thanks to the development of new players in recent years, much to the joy of the 1 billion people who follow tennis. Brands like Audemars Piguet, Rolex, and TAG Heuer have noticed the current surge in interest in male and female tennis players. Tennis pros earn a lot of money from endorsement and sponsorship arrangements with these companies.


Ice hockey

Field hockey and ice hockey are two of the world’s most popular sports. Ice hockey is a huge deal in the United States, Canada, and northern Europe, which isn’t unique to those places.

About 2 billion people worldwide follow hockey, particularly the National Hockey League, which has a huge following (NHL). Some major brands, such as Gatorade and Reebok, have expressed an interest in sponsoring the men’s and women’s hockey leagues.



Cricket, a global following of around 2.5 billion people, is a beautiful sport mainly popular in Australia, Pakistan, South Africa, New Zealand, and India.

The Cricket World Cup, the sport’s most popular tournament, was watched by an estimated 2.6 billion people in 2019.

The popularity of women’s cricket has grown in recent years, even though it receives less attention than the male-dominated version. Brands such as bat-making companies have a large number of cricket sponsorship partnerships.


To determine the most popular sports globally, it is nearly impossible to develop a precise number of people who participate in each sport around the globe. Instead of counting everyone who kicks a football around in their backyard, we’ve only included those registered to play for a team, league, or other organization.

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