How to delete trending searches

We’ve all seen some of the odd or amusing Google search results. Google’s Autocomplete tool isn’t always helpful, even if it’s entertaining to see what’s popular. We’ll walk you through the process of delete trending searches on a mobile browser, Google app, or PC in this guide. I’ll also instruct you to turn off specialized and related search results. In addition, I’ll address some of the most frequently asked questions about Google searches.

Firstly, you can disable Google Trending Searches in the Search app; this is not a virus or other type of hoax, but rather a malware issue. These search predictions are meant to show you what people have already looked for and potentially suggest the terms you are looking for. Google considers a variety of elements while determining them.

Turning off Google Trending Searches on the Search app should be possible by adjusting the preferences or some settings. Still, there are concerns because some individuals claim that you must take additional steps to permanently disable the feature.

Delete trending searches and autocomplete on your browser is as simple as following these instructions:

How do trending searches work?

As a company, Google tries to offer its customers the best possible experience. One of the ways Google aims to improve a user’s search experience is through the Autocomplete tool.

You’ll save time and effort if Google correctly predicts your search. However, how can Google anticipate what you’ll type?

Google Trends

Google Chrome offers a function to widen your Google searches more easily. The Trending Searches tool opens when you try to type in the Google search bar in your Chrome browser. You’ll see top searches made by other users, which is useful if you want to broaden your search expertise and stay on top of the latest trends.

Google Trends gathers data from Google searches and visualizes the frequency of search keywords in various geographic locations and languages.

Google Trends is a data-mining tool that can track real-time events and other short-term trends. You can look at Google Trends data for the last seven days or a specified period (from 2004 to 36 hours ago).

The trending searches function is useful for some people, especially when they wish to find out what is popular on the Internet. Depending on your area, Google will provide trending search results. That way, you’ll be aware of what’s going on.

However, not everyone finds Chrome’s trending searches useful. It irritates them to see ideas that aren’t necessarily relevant to what they’re looking for. If you’re one of them, the good thing is that you can disable or turn off the trending searches forecasts in Google Chrome’s settings.

Numbers in Google Trends

The first thing you’ll notice when utilizing Google Trends for searching trends is that it uses a scoring system of 0 to 100 instead of search volumes. To find out how many people are searching for the terms you want, you’ll need to use keyword tools:

To validate search volumes of trend search words, you can use the Keyword Planner from Google Ads, for example. Several indicates the search term’s lowest relative popularity, while a score of 100 indicates the opposite, the highest relative popularity.

A score of 0 indicates that there is insufficient data for a given search phrase. While search volumes may have an impact on relative popularity, the two are not the same. The relative scoring system has the advantage of allowing you to compare several separate trends, even if they are unrelated. The score is always proportional to the other search terms you use. The scores allow you to compare unique combinations at will, making it easy to analyze specific questions and allowing for creative analysis.

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Why delete trending searches

While trending searches can be helpful, many people find the suggestions they provide to be annoying.

In addition to giving us a sense of privacy, disabling the option can also help. Internet users are more aware of how Google and Facebook monitor their online activities. Now that tracking user activity across devices or platforms has become commonplace; it is easy to identify what you search for, visit, and buy based on your specific preferences.

As a result, you may be targeted with advertisements based on your interests, purchasing habits, and expected lifestyle.

Users take precautions to protect their online activity by disabling tools like predicted search or trending searches.

How to delete Google App Trending Searches

You can disable Google Trending Searches on the Google Search App or Google in general by going to a specific setting on the Google Search Application or Google. It varies by operating system version; however, on Android and iOS, you can turn off the option. Clearing your browser’s cache and cookies can also help. Although a factory reset is not required, you should run the optimizer software or a general cleaner tool if you suspect any PUPs or malware apps are running in the background.

If you use the Google Application to search on Google, follow the steps below to disable the Google Trending search:

  • On your phone or tablet, open the Google app.
  • Select your profile photo or initials at the upper right of the page.
  • Go to Settings, then General.
  • Select the Autocomplete with Trending Searches option and toggle it off by moving the toggle from right to left

How to delete Desktop Trending Searches

If you wish to get rid of Google’s trending searches on a computer, follow these steps:

  • In your browser, go to
  • Select Customize Google Chrome: on the bottom right-hand side of the page.
  • Select Settings
  • From the pop-up menu, choose Search Settings.
  • Find the settings for Autocomplete with Trending Searches. Select Popular searches should not be displayed.

How to delete Mobile Trending Searches

If you are using a mobile browser and want to avoid trending searches,

  • On your phone, open a browser.
  • Go to to learn more.
  • Select Menu and then Settings in the top left corner of the page.
  • Select Autocomplete with Trending Searches from the drop-down menu. Popular searches should not be displayed.

As you can see from this post, Google Trends has a wide range of applications and benefits for business marketers, owners, and academics. It is especially important to monitor the trend of issues that are relevant to your business frequently to avoid falling into a negative spiral. But if you feel irritated you can turn it off with these methods provided above!


Close the browser, sign out, and restart your device if you still see trending searches on Google despite having disabled them. You should block search cookies, delete the cache, and upgrade Chrome as an additional precaution. If the problem persists, do resetting your browser or reinstall Chrome.

Have you found a solution to the issue? Which one did you find to be the most effective of the methods presented? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.

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