Best 10 Tactical Pen

One of the most underestimated pieces of everyday carry gear is a tactical pen or EDC pen, which could save your life or at the very least allow you to scribble down your thoughts or ideas. Most tactical pens are made of heavy-duty machined metal, with pressurized ink cartridges, and are designed to fit in your pocket or on your tactical belt among your other tactical gear.

If you lose your firearm or run out of bullets, a tactical pen can double as a self-defense weapon if you’re both skilled in using it and have it with you at all times. It’s a fact that a lump of titanium, steel, or aluminum can stop an invader in his tracks like nothing else. I have made a list of the 10 most excellent tactical pens currently available for individuals wishing to broaden their options in no particular order.
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Best 10 tactical pen

1. Gerber

Gerber tactical pen

The Gerber Impromptu tactical pen, designed with law enforcement officials, is a unique writing device worth the higher price tag. Built to withstand the harshest conditions, it is composed of American steel. As a bonus, it comes with a “Rite in the Rain” ballpoint cartridge. It also comes with a tempered steel glass-breaker tip that will help you get out of a jam in a hurry. As a satisfied client put it,

“A well-crafted weapon that is hefty enough to be a weapon or a glass breaker is on display. It’s easy to hold and won’t hurt your fingers.”

2. Werewolves

Werewolves tactical pen

In addition to being an EDC writing utensil, the Werewolves 6-in-1 EDC tactical pen is a multitool that can be used for more than simply writing. Because of the pen’s innovative thread design on the handle and thumb head and the multi-functionality of the pen’s cap have been well received by customers. The following is an example of what one person wrote: “I was blown away by its heft and build quality. For some reason, I found it fascinating to see how you could unscrew one of the pen’s ends, turn it over, and screw it back in to transform it into a multitool pen.”

3. Atomic Bear

Atomic Bear tactical pen

The Atomic Bear Defender stylus pen not only writes well on paper but also has a built-in soft stylus tip for writing on touch screens. Additionally, this pen features an LED flashlight, a glass breaker, and Aircraft-grade aluminum construction, making this multitool extremely durable. “Wow,” exclaimed a delighted customer. “This one appeals to me due to its sturdy construction and functional pen. It’s an appropriate length for my hand and has a nice grip.”


CRKT tactical pen

The CRKT Williams tactical pen, developed by a former army commander and martial arts teacher, is sturdy and lightweight at just 1.2 ounces. Fisher Space ink cartridges are used to create a low-profile pen that writes wonderfully. In the words of one satisfied shopper: “With its high strength-to-weight ratio, however, it is surprisingly light. It’s a great tool for both writing and self-defense. It’s an excellent choice for security checks because it doesn’t look like a tac pen.”

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5. Ispandy

Ispandy tactical pen

The ISPANDY tactical flashlight survival pen has more capabilities than you can shake a pen at, including a fire starter, glass breaker, and a five-in-one multi-head tool with a wrench, bottle opener, screwdriver, and serrated tool. Tactical pen flashlight: Amazon’s top pick for most okay tactical pen flashlight with high-beam and strobe settings. A buyer commented, “This was a gift for my mother from me. As a nurse, she’s always grumbling that she doesn’t have a lamp to check her patients’ eyes. The answer is yes, as well as a whole lot more! It’s a big hit with her!”

6. Werkzeug

Werkzeug tactical pen

The Werkzeug 10-in-one tactical pen has all of the features of the other multitools in this review, but it also includes a two-mode flashlight, a knife, and a four-in-one multitool head. High-quality aluminum alloy with outstanding corrosion resistance is used in construction. As one satisfied customer put it: “As a deployment present, this was sent to my husband. This pen is a favorite of his, and he raves about how well-made and versatile it is.”

7. Smith & Wesson

Smith & Wesson tactical pen

The extra-strong aviation aluminum body of the Smith & Wesson refillable tactical pen makes it a durable, secure, and lightweight pen. This must-have is a little over six inches long and comes with a handy clip for easy transport. Using Schmidt Parker-style black ball cartridges can be easily refilled and user-friendly. For S&W, this is a stylish piece of gear as well. In the words of a delighted customer, it’s an excellent product “robust ink bottle. When I hold it, I enjoy how heavy and solid it feels. I receive a lot of praises when I wear it.”

8. Mizuki

Mizuki tactical pen

You would not expect anything so little to be so handy in the wilderness, but the Mizuki Tactical Pen does just that. In addition to the pen’s usual functions (like writing), it has a compass, an urgent whistle, a multi-purpose head (for opening bottles and screws), and even a fire starter. “A terrific survival tool” and “a perfect gift of outstanding quality… [My husband] enjoys mountain biking; ideal if he becomes disoriented.,” a delighted customer who purchased this pen for her husband to keep on his motorcycle said.

9. Kamoon

Kamoon tactical pen

The Kamoon multi-tool tactical pen’s threaded handle and tip provide a pleasant yet robust grip and feel. In addition to the corkscrew and a heavy, durable pocket clip, it includes an all-in-one glass breaker and screwdriver set as well. The flashlight is powered by three AA batteries, which are included in the package along with the three pen refills. As one satisfied buyer put it, “This is a fantastic pen for writing with. In an emergency, a glass breaker and a flashlight with a long barrel are both readily available.”

Final Remarks!

When it comes to tactical pens, you can’t go wrong with the Ankara 6-in-1 Tactical Pen or the sleek and robust Gerber Impromptu tactical pen, if you’re willing to fork out a little extra money. We’ve written the most significant tactical pen review here, hoping that you’ve found it helpful. Consult our other guides or the Thomas Supplier Discovery Platform to learn about additional suppliers of relevant products, such as private label pen manufacturers and fountain pen manufacturers.

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