Why is voting important

You must know why is voting important. Voting is already underway, so educate yourself, take notes, and vote early. The election this year is about more than just who will be president. Your vote is your voice in housing, education, work, and healthcare matters.

Importance of voting

Voting is frequently emphasized by political scientists and civics instructors, although the reasoning behind this assertion is rarely provided. Voting seems pointless and unlikely to make a difference to many students and citizens alike. However, just 78,000 votes in Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, or less than 0.06% of the total votes cast in the 2016 presidential election, were crucial. A single vote has decided many state and local elections, separate from presidential elections.

After 11,608 ballots were cast in the 94th District of Virginia’s House of Delegates, the winner was determined by selecting a name out of a hat. As the Republicans possessed 50 seats in the House of Delegates and the Democrats 49, the outcome of the 94th district was critical in determining the balance of power.

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Although most elections are not close, that does not mean that one’s vote is unimportant. Voting itself is a type of civic responsibility and exercising a right that many Americans have fought for. For many Americans, voting is their only means of participating in civic life.

Young adults vote at lower rates than older ones for various reasons. Young people are more transient and less settled than older people. They could be away at college, starting new jobs, or figuring out who they are as adults for the first time. Pundits and politicians have blamed apathy, drowsiness, and general indifference to public affairs for younger voters’ decreased participation rates. Political scientists have noted that younger voters are less likely to identify with any political party or explicitly political movement, citing a visceral dislike of politics. For decades, we assumed that kids lacked the required civic knowledge and that by adding politics and government to the curriculum, we would be able to remove the barriers to voting.

Reasons why voting is important?

Here are a number of the reasons why you should register to vote and vote:

Results of voting

You can choose the quality of life you desire for yourself and future generations. Voting allows you to advocate for topics that are important to you, such as raising the minimum wage, public transportation, and funding local schools. Take the right decision that what’s best in your life.

Voting is not a loss of voice

Elections are defeated or failed by people who vote. Take a little time to learn about the candidates and the rules. Choose for yourself if you don’t vote. Your vote gives you strength.

It’s your money

You pay taxes, but are you aware of how that capital is spent? The majority of residents do not. Voting de allows you to direct how your tax funds are spent, such as healthcare and social-services financing.

Voting is a chance for change

Do you want to help? Voting gives you the chance to do so! Candidates and ballot initiatives that will help your community, state, or even country should get your vote. Make sure your vote is important in the next election.

The community depends on you!

Friends, family members, neighbors, and children are part of our communities. Some may not know how essential voting is, while others don’t have the privilege. Vote for yourself and those you care about.

How Can You Get Your Voice Heard?

If you’re under 18, or if you’re not a US citizen, you can still vote. Voting may not be an option for you, but there are ways you can participate in the political process:

  • Keep yourself up to date! Learn about current political topics (both local and national) and determine your position.
  • Get out there and meet with the locals. Even if you cannot vote, you can express yourself on social media, in your school or community newspaper, or in other public venues. You don’t know who is listening to you at all times, so be careful.
  • You can help a candidate’s campaign by engaging in phone banks, writing postcards, doing door-to-door outreach, or working at the campaign headquarters if you support them. Even if you are unable to vote, your activity can aid in the election of politicians.

One of the most important freedoms in American life is the ability to vote. Many people in other nations and many Americans in the past do not have the same freedom. It is critical to exercise your rights, regardless of your beliefs or who you support.


Finally, while convincing others to vote requires more time or money than merely voting, in elections where you believe one candidate is far better for the world than the other, joining or contributing to a political campaign can be a high-impact manner of helping the world. The right to vote is extremely valuable. If you have it, put it to good use.

“Having a daily flood of terrible news and feeling powerless may be extremely upsetting,” Dr. Cobb explains. “But there’s nothing quite like getting involved and doing something that’s also one of the most beneficial things you can do for yourself and your community. Staying on the fence is disempowering; voting, on the other hand, is always empowering.”

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